Corporation server
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IDE Server

Low cost server with high performance. Can be used as internet server, mail server, file server, firewall, router, etc. simultaneouly. RAID backup system, Price will include on site setup, if you are close to us.  
Item Description Price
CPU Dual Intel PIII 1G $497.20
Motherboard PC Chips dual CPU board $412.50
Memory 512M ECC/PC-133 error correction $553.30
Hard drive Dual Maxtor 200G 7200rpm RAID  $600.00
CD-R/RW Sony 52x24x52 CD-RW $228.80
Floppy drive Panasonic 1.44 $17.60
Video card Nvidia GeForce II MX400, 64M $62.70
Fax modem Lucent Technology 56K $66.00
Network card Dual PureData PCI 10/100 $39.60
Mouse Microsoft Intellimouse $19.80
Keyboard Windows compatible $16.50
CPU fan Dual CPU cooler $44.00
Case ATX server toWer $110.00
Monitor Samsung 750S 17" 0.27 1280x1024 70KHz $298.10
Operating system Win2000 server 10 lic.$1490.50, X windows free $0.00
Software MS office 2000 premium $878.9, Sun Micro Star Office Suit 5.2, free. $0.00
Hardware setup Remove $1000 if you do it yourself $1,000.00
Software setup Remove $3000 if you do it yourself $3,000.00
Subtotal   $6,966.10

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