Ten ways to protect yourself on Internet
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Searching the Internet in these days is at high risk. You must use extreme caution to read your email and browse Web sites. One small mistake or even no mistake can ruin your computer. It could cause you lots of time and money to repair your computer, so remember that prevention is always better than cure. Follow a few simple rules that are listed below and you can prevent your computer from being infected.

1.      Treat the Internet as a war theatre. Prepare to be attacked at any moment.
The world has become very violent. Wicked people are everywhere. These people will use all kinds of methods to hurt you, cheat you, addict you, swindle you, and control you. Devils want to capture your computers as slaves at any minute. Always take full alert.

2.      Trust nobody, even your closest known person.
Take precaution on opening any email even it was sent by someone you know. It is because this could be a forgery, or the person you know is already a victim. These victims’ computer could send out junk mail or viruses without their own knowledge.

3.      Do not open any attachment on email unless you are sure.
Viruses or worms are usually delivered in the form of attachment. These attachments are enclosed in the email as additional information. The attacker will tempt you to read these attachments. Once you have opened it, your computer will be infected. The infected computer will begin sending email to other computers to spread the virus.

4.      Do not press any link unless you are sure it is safe.
When the wicked discovered people Were smart enough to identify viruses, they switched to another method of sending viruses by using links. That is, you have to download the virus yourself. The hacker will tempt you to activate these links, with all kind of false news, curiosity, sex, money and tricks. Once you click on these links, your computer will download the virus or slavery program from the attacker’s server. Then, you are under their control. They usually will use your computer to send out junk mail for them.

5.      Do not take any free offers.
In order to trap you, a hacker will offer you some advantage, such as free calendar, free program, free mouse pointer, free desktop, free icons, free music, free games, and etc. Download programs only from reputable supplier. Most free things contain spy ware, ad ware, and etc.

6.      Do not be greedy.
Do not believe somebody is sending you money, unless you are sure. This could be a trap to capture your computer as prisoner of war. Do not go onto sites that contain sex or online gambling. These sites are there to cheat you and will make you lose your money and family. Do not easily accept credit card offer, bank loan offer, mortgage application, donation, big business order, investment and etc on Internet. Most of these are fraud. These swindlers could ask you to pay them a deposit, tax, handling fee or many other reasons to bill you. They will disappear once you paid them. Keep away at all costs.

7.      Do not listen to any temptation.
Take precaution on purchasing medicine on Internet. Some of these businesses are selling prohibited drugs, and sex pills on behind. Watch out your children if they make deals on Internet. Jesus can help you on these problems. Press link to listen testimony.
Do not believe things such as
some free programs could make your computer or modem run faster. Some free virus or spy ware scanning programs are itself is an ad ware. Loading these programs into your computer would allow invader to capture your computer in no time.

8.      Do not believe any false information.
Some virus email could tell your email account has been closed, your email has been returned, you PayPal or credit card account has been closed, password has been altered, and many other false news. Some email could tell you your computer has been infected because of their own computer has been infected, and gave you the instruction of deleting files, which are good. Do not believe this false information unless you are sure. When you browse some sites, you could get some extra windows to tell you your clock is not accurate, or virus infects your computer, or they would request you to allow them to install plug in. Do not grant permission to install anything in your computer unless you are sure what you need.

9.      Search and make sure you are not cheated before installing any new programs.
Some free programs may contain addition function, which cause more harm than good. Investigate the provider properly before receiving their offer. Some irresponsible provider will even do bad things on paid programs. Some bad programs do no harm, but it is a nuisance.

10.  Free disk space for your Website could contain ads.
Many Internet providers provide free disk space for Web sites. Some of them use advertising to recover their cost. It is very annoying to your client on browsing a Web site full of advertising. Many advertising are irritating. Some provider even installs spy ware on your client. Consider Well before you use their service.

If you follow these simple rules as suggested, you will find Internet is enjoyable. There is no danger on the Internet.

Since 911, this world has already gone beyond control. Besides on the Internet, violence is also found everywhere. People hate each other, cheats each other, and kills each other. Food resource is already under jeopardized. Ocean is already contaminated. Fish, meat, milk, and eggs are no longer safes to eat. Earthquake, famine, war, pestilence are keep on coming. Things are expected to be getting worse and worse. People are already living under panic, scared.

“Be sober, be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking some one to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8. During the end time, Satan is coming out to deceive the whole world. Beyond the computer field, there are many false religions works as Well as the Internet does. Similarly to a trap in a computer, believing these religions will bring you to destruction. Jesus said, “Then they will deliver you up to tribulation, and put you to death; and you will be hated by all nations for my name's sake. And then many will fall away, and betray one another, and hate one another. And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray. And because wickedness is multiplied, most men's love will grow cold. But he who endures to the end will be saved.” Matthew 24:9-13. Then, he continued, “Then if any one says to you, 'Lo, here is the Christ!' or 'There he is!' do not believe it. For false Christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. Lo, I have told you beforehand. So, if they say to you, 'Lo, he is in the wilderness,' do not go out; if they say, 'Lo, he is in the inner rooms,' do not believe it.” Matthew 24:23-26. Jesus warns you do not trust false prophets; do not believe even if somebody told you He is back. So you can see how dangerous is our world has already become. (There is a virus email telling people, Bin Laden is caught, if you believe and press the news link, your computer will be captured as slave.)

Following the few simple rules as said in the Bible can prevent you from fell over. Jesus said, “ If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” John 14:15. So you can see keeping the Ten Commandments is the best way to diagnose the truth. Following the truth and use your own wisdom to make smart decision is the only way to survive in these insecure societies.

Among the Ten Commandments, the fourth commandment has been the most controversial. Some people have altered this commandment to fit their own will. Just like a re-engineered virus. This makes the religion look true but is a trap, will lead to final destruction. Jesus said, “in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the precepts of men.” Matthew 15:9. The word percept means what you think is correct according to your own understanding. If you think the virus program will make your computer run faster and believe it and open the door for it, then, you will be terminated by it. Similarly, if you believe an altered commandment could be equivalent to the original, then you are dead wrong on cheating yourself. To understand more and get smart, please visit www.sdaglobal.org.

The current world seems to be covered with land mines everywhere. If you follow the genuine Ten Commandments, your life will be very enjoyable. You will have hope when Jesus entered your heart. Peace will be with you. 



Spy ware is a program that monitors your computer. It detects what you type, what Web sites you like to visit. The purpose is to find out your interest and send junk mail to you according to your interest. Some spy wares are even supported by government to track terrorist. There are many types of spy ware. Some will occupy large portion of disk space to keep track of your activity. Some will make your Internet explorer report to their server such that they can record every Website you have visited. When the companies, which run these servers, Were out of business, your computer would site dud.


Ad ware is some programs keep on sending you advertising


Junk mail server is a program that captures your computer as slave by sending junk mail for them.


A commonly used file format to carry virus is having a file extension of .scr, .pif. These two operating system formats are used for desktop control. They have no practical use on sending information. You can 100% sure it contains virus if you received files in these formats. Some other files formats could contain virus are using .zip, .doc, .xls, .exe extensions. Do not open them unless you are sure.


Virus scan may help you to identify virus. HoWever, you must update the definition pattern frequently. Otherwise, it won’t be any help. In fact, use your own intelligence is the most simple way to avoid virus. No tools are required.


If you have too many programs that occupied your resources, it will tremendously slow down your computer. Best solution is to remove them by going to the “add or remove program utility” in the control panel.


Some commercial programmers are selfishly put their own program start up on boot. Too much start up programs will slow down your computer. To prevent them from start up without your permission, for Windows 98 and latter system, push the start button, select run, type in “msconfig”, and press OK. Select start up on the system configuration utility; uncheck the programs, which you do not want to start up on boot.


If you are still unable to remove those junk programs, you may have to use registry editor to remove them. Editing registry requires some knowledge. It is not recommended to beginners. You can run the “regedit” utility in the same way as mentioned above. Use search function to find the program you want to remove. Most start up is under the “run” key.


Back up your registry and configuration files frequently to restore condition before infection. Back up utilities eru.exe and cfgback.exe can be found in the Windows disk. For Windows XP, use “system restore” utilities under accessory, system tools. Windows XP automatic back up everyday for you.


Keep your email address confidential. Many wicked will sell your email address for profit.


You are opening the door for hackers to enter your computer if you leave your computer unattended and without firewall. Install firewall to block hackers. Most low cost routers nowadays have already built in firewall. It is simple and efficient. Installing firewall cannot totally prevent you from virus or spy. Firewall can prevent hackers and certain worms maliciously enter your computer




  1. 視互聯網如戰場.預防隨時遭受攻擊.

  2. 不要相信任何人,即使是非常相熟的朋友.

  3. 除非你有絕對的把握,否則切勿開始電郵中的附件.

  4. 切勿按任何連結鍵,除非你確知是安全的.

  5. 切勿接受他們提供的免費服務或贈品.

  6. 切勿貪心.

  7. 誘惑之言切勿聆聽.

  8. 切勿相信任何虛偽的資訊.

  9. 在安裝任何新程式之前,必須查證確定你沒有受騙.

  10. 為你的網站提供免費磁碟空間可能含有廣告.


911之後,這個世界已變成失控.互聯網之外,暴力亦都無處不有.人們互相仇恨,互相欺詐,互相殺戮.食物資源已達危險境界.海洋已被污染.魚,肉,奶及蛋已非安全食品.請瀏覽:http://health.hitechemall.com/food/index.html .地震,飢荒,戰爭,瘟疫連續發生.情況預期越來越壞.人們在驚慌和恐懼之下生活.

彼得前書58說:“務要謹守,儆醒,因為你們的仇敵魔鬼,如同吼叫的獅子,遍地游行,尋找可吞喫的人.”在末世魔鬼正出來欺騙全世界.在電腦領域之外有很多假宗教,他們的行為也如互聯網.相似地設立陷阱,信奉這些宗教會帶給你滅亡.耶穌說:那時,人要把你們陷在患難裏,也要殺害你們,你們又要為我的名被萬民恨惡。 那時必有許多人跌倒,也要彼此陷害,彼此恨惡;且有好些假先知起來,迷惑多人。只因不法的事增多,許多人的愛心才漸漸冷淡了;惟有忍耐到底的,必然得救。馬太福音249–13.他繼續說:那時,若有人對你們說:『基督在這裏。』或說:『基督在那裏。』你們不要信!因為假基督、假先知將要起來,顯大神蹟、大奇事;倘若能行,連選民也就迷惑了。看哪,我預先告訴你們了,若有人對你們說:『看哪,基督在曠野裏。』你們不要出去!或說:『看哪,基督在內屋中。』你們不要信!馬太福音2423–26.耶穌警告說不要相信假先知;即使有人告訴你耶穌已回來你們也不要相信.所以你可以看見我們的世界已經變得多麼的危險.(有一電郵告訴群眾賓拉登經已被捕.如果你相信而按新聞連結鍵,你的電腦將會成為他們的奴隸.)


十誡中最具爭議性的是第四誡.有人隨意將其更改,就好像是重組後的病毒.看似是真的宗教,其實是陷阱,引人終至滅亡.耶穌說:他們將人的吩咐,當作道理教導人,所以拜我也是枉然。馬太福音159.人的吩咐,依照個人的見解認為是正確,其實不然.如果你認為並相信病毒程式會令你的電腦運作得更快而大開門戶,你將會被病毒程式所終結.同樣如果你相信更改了的十誡與原來的十誡沒區別,那就是對與錯,生死之間的區別,不要自己欺騙自己.如想明白更多真理,令你更加明智,請瀏覽 www.sdaglobal.org




偵察裝置Spy ware是一監控你電腦的程式.它能查察你鍵入過甚麼文字,你喜歡瀏覽甚麼網站等.其目的是要找出你的興趣,依照你的興趣寄給你垃圾郵件.有些偵察裝置甚至由某些政府支持,說是跟蹤恐怖份子.偵察裝置有很多類型.有些會佔用大量磁碟空間用以追蹤你的活動.有些會令你電腦的互聯網探測器向他們的伺服器報告一切,他們就可以記錄你曾瀏覽過甚麼網站.當這些使用偵察裝置的公司結束營運,你的電腦也可能停止運作.


廣告發送裝置Ad ware是一些不斷傳送廣告給你的程式.




攜帶病毒的常用檔案格式是具有 .scr, .pif 等擴展檔名.這兩個操作系統格式是為桌面控制之用.他們在傳送訊息工作上並無實際用途.如果你收到這類格式的檔案,你可以100% 肯定它含有病毒.其它含有病毒的檔案也可能以.zip,.doc,.xls,.exe 等作為擴展名.除非你有絕對把握,否則切勿開啟這些檔案.




如果你有太多的程式佔去你的資源,將會顯著地降低你電腦的效率.最佳的解決辦法就是去到控制台Control panel“新增/移除程式處移除無用之多餘程式.有些自私的商業程式員令電腦在開機時優先啟動他們自己的程式.太多程式啟動將會拖慢你的電腦.為避免在開機時未得你的同意開動程式,在視窗98或更新的版本,可按開始Start’,選取執行Run’,鍵入“msconfig”然後按確定OK”.選擇開啟系統配置應用程序時不要檢選該項你不想在開機時啟動的程式.




在受感染前定期為你的登記和配置檔案作備份以便有需要時可以回復原狀.作備份的應用程式  eru.exe  cfgback.exe 可在視窗磁碟裡找到.視窗XP在附件,系統工具中用系統重建應用程式.視窗XP每日自動為你作備份工作.





董邦富着  罗缉熙译


  1. 视互联网如战场.预防随时遭受攻击.

  2. 不要相信任何人,即使是非常相熟的朋友.

  3. 除非你有绝对的把握,否则切勿开始电邮中的附件.

  4. 切勿按任何连结键,除非你确知是安全的.

  5. 切勿接受他们提供的免费服务或赠品.

  6. 切勿贪心.

  7. 诱惑之言切勿聆听.

  8. 切勿相信任何虚伪的资讯.

  9. 在安装任何新程式之前,必须查证确定你没有受骗.

  10. 为你的网站提供免费磁碟空间可能含有广告.


911之后,这个世界已变成失控.互联网之外,暴力亦都无处不有.人们互相仇恨,互相欺诈,互相杀戮.食物资源已达危险境界.海洋已被污染.鱼,肉,奶及蛋已非安全食品.请浏览:http://health.hitechemall.com/food/index.html .地震,饥荒,战争,瘟疫连续发生.情况预期越来越坏.人们在惊慌和恐惧之下生活.







侦察装置Spy ware是一监控你电脑的程式.它能查察你键入过甚么文字,你喜欢浏览甚么网站等.其目的是要找出你的兴趣,依照你的兴趣寄给你垃圾邮件.有些侦察装置甚至由某些政府支持,说是跟踪恐怖份子.侦察装置有很多类型.有些会占用大量磁碟空间用以追踪你的活动.有些会令你电脑的互联网探测器向他们的伺服器报告一切,他们就可以记录你曾浏览过甚么网站.当这些使用侦察装置的公司结束营运,你的电脑也可能停止运作.


广告发送装置Ad ware是一些不断传送广告给你的程式.




携带病毒的常用档案格式是具有 .scr, .pif 等扩展档名.这两个操作系统格式是为桌面控制之用.他们在传送讯息工作上并无实际用途.如果你收到这类格式的档案,你可以100% 肯定它含有病毒.其它含有病毒的档案也可能以.zip,.doc,.xls,.exe 等作为扩展名.除非你有绝对把握,否则切勿开启这些档案.




如果你有太多的程式占去你的资源,将会显着地降低你电脑的效率.最隹的解决办法就是去到控制台Control panel“新增/移除程式”处移除无用之多馀程式.有些自私的商业程式员令电脑在开机时优先启动他们自己的程式.太多程式启动将会拖慢你的电脑.为避免在开机时未得你的同意开动程式,在视窗98或更新的版本,可按‘开始Start’,选取‘执行Run’,键入“msconfig”然后按“确定OK”.选择开启系统配置应用程序时不要检选该项你不想在开机时启动的程式.




在受感染前定期为你的登记和配置档案作备份以便有需要时可以回复原状.作备份的应用程式. eru.exe cfgback.exe 可在视窗磁碟里找到.视窗XP在附件,系统工具中用“系统重建”应用程式.视窗XP每日自动为你作备份工作.





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