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    Server is a dedicated computer performing certain job to assist other computers. Server can be a very simple computer doing only one simple job, such as a print server, or it could be a very sophisticated computer serving Internet. Server can be stand alone, or working as a group.  Most servers once turned on would hopefully never shut down. Some server may need neither a keyboard nor monitor.
    Whenever there are several computers exchanging information, there is a demand of a server. For example, a super market checkout is using point of sales system. If a centralized server does not run the POS, then it won’t be able to keep track the point of sales.
    A file server is a centralized file storage system. Multi level security is vital in an office with many employees. All information accessed by staff can be log. Many offices distributed all over the world can be linked together through Internet at minimum cost. Confidential information is tunneling through public network with no compromise on security.
    Internet server needs high security to prevent hackers breaking in. It has firewall, proxy, IP masquerading, Spam filters, and many sophisticated features. It also equipped with domain name service, Internet information server, index server, etc. E commerce server requires data base management ODBC, query SQL, CGI, and many high quality services. Long distance phone call, fax can be transmitted through Internet as if local calls. Students, employees can login to server computer for download, upload information regardless of distance and cost.
    Unix, BSD, Linux type operating system is mainly used on most TCP/IP type servers. Windows NT, Novell are also commonly used on IBM net bios, Novell IPX type servers.
    The Internet you are browsing now is running on Linux Red hat 6.2 with a Dual Intel PII Symmetric Multi Processor server assemble by Hi-Tech. We are specialized on servers. 

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