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    Do not won over by advertising to believe the numbers. People can be very easily influenced to presume a 800 MHz computer is double the speed of 400 MHz. Computer speed is based on computing index, or bench mark. CPU speed is only one of the factors that can affect the over all speed.

    Drives are the sloWest device that can influence the computing speed. Fastest hard drive is still around ten milliseconds of access time. Milliseconds are in the order of visible speed. Therefore, a lightning speed CPU will be forced to wait for a slow device to read or write data. Faster drives will have to spin faster. It will be noisier, and have a shorter life.

    Second sloWest device is random access memory. Computer architect designer bypass this slow device by copying a portion of RAM into external cache. Level two cache memory is a type of faster memory, which has a compatible speed to a CPU external bus system. There is another level one cache memory located internally just besides the CPU core. The amount of level one and level two cache memories will directly upsetting swiftness. These memories are expensive to install.

    A high speed CPU is very poWer hungry. CPU will slow down automatically whenever needed to reduce poWer consumption. You will be very seldom operating your high speed CPU at full speed on most of the job.

    Another major speed factor is operating system and application software. Graphical user interface looks nice but cost speed. Complicate, advanced, high security systems will also trim down pace.

    Interface cards, motherboard, bios, and many other factors can also cause communication time.

    To shop smart, do not judge by numbers. Judge by overall performance.

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