Upgrading computer
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    Many people brought in old computers to request upgrade. Following facts will give some ideal for making their decisions.

    Manufacturers will always follow the trend to manufacture their components. Components manufactured in the same period will have similar properties, and compatibility. For example, a PIII CPU will not fit on a Pentium motherboard. Therefore, to upgrade this computer, you may have to replace the motherboard as Well. Components may have software, firmware, or hardware compatibility trouble. For example, Windows 98 may not work on some motherboard made prior to 1998.

    You may not gain much on a simple upgrade. For example, 333MHz CPU upgrades to 400 MHz will have very little gain on speed. Any Pentium or equivalent systems are already very good system. Further upgrade may not have much improvement.

    Old cards may not fit on your new motherboard. Your old system may be using ISA, VESA, VLB slot system. New system are using PCI, AGP slots. You may end up only one floppy drive is re-useable.

    Memory upgrade is never too much. Any computer would love memory. The money you spend on old memory may not be re-locatable on your future system.

    CD-ROM, modem, network card, zip drive installations are justified able if you like your existing system. They could or could not be re-locatable on your future system.

    Operating system upgrade could slow down your system tremendously. Consult expert before proceed. New operating system could refuse your upgrade request if your system does not meet the minimum requirement. For example, Windows NT or 2000 professional will be much sloWer than Windows 98. Windows 98 could be sloWer than Windows 95. Windows 95 could be sloWer than Windows 3.1. If your system meets only the minimum requirement, you are on the slow side.

It is always advisable to get your complete system when new rather than upgrading them later on. It will cost you more on every upgrade. The new components you get later on may not work on your old system.

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